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Protect nature’s unsung hero.

Canada’s Prairie grasslands — nature’s unsung hero — have been working silently to store carbon, provide habitat and purify water. But over 80% of this habitat has been lost — in Canada and around the world. McIntyre Ranch, located in southern Alberta, is one of the largest ranches in the Prairies. And you can protect it for generations to come.

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hectares. The largest privately conserved grasslands in Canada.

Why McIntyre Ranch?

Over 80% of Prairie grasslands have been lost in Canada. At 22,000 hectares, over a quarter the size of Calgary, McIntyre Ranch is the largest private Prairie grassland conservation project in Canada’s history.

The significant loss of grasslands has created challenges for species that have always called it home, like the ferruginous hawk, long-billed curlew and short-eared owl. Not only does McIntyre Ranch provide vital habitat for these species, but also for the iconic Canadian pronghorn, who relies heavily on the ranch's habitat.

Protecting McIntyre Ranch, and Prairie grasslands, is vital to our survival and has lasting impacts on the well-being of Canadians. From carbon-storage to water purification, and protection from flooding and drought, these lands do so much for us, every day.

Grasslands store about a third of the world’s land-based carbon through its deep root system. And by supporting McIntyre Ranch, part of our campaign to protect Canada’s Prairie grasslands, not only are you making a positive impact for Canadians, but for the entire planet.